How Can I Treat Prostate Cancer in Miami?


Prostate cancer is an incredibly common cancer. In fact, behind skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer among men. But, with early detection and effective care, there are cures for prostate cancer in Miami. At Urology Specialty Care, we’re committed to providing the best possible solutions for prostate cancer. If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, or if you’re due for a cancer screening, it’s time to see how our experienced team at Urology Specialty Care can help.

There are several types of prostate cancer, all presenting their own issues. Men in their 60’s and above are most susceptible to prostate cancer, but younger men can experience this health problem as well. At Urology Specialty Care, we know that receiving a diagnosis of any cancer can be incredibly jarring. But with a positive outlook and the best possible care, you can treat your prostate cancer in Miami.

For our team at Urology Specialty Care Urology Specialty Care, there’s one main way to treat prostate cancer. A robotic prostatectomy in Miami may entirely remove the cancerous areas of your prostate, bringing complete recovery from this cancer. This surgery uses the minimally invasive da Vinci system to remove the cancerous parts of the prostate. Before the da Vinci system, prostatectomy procedures were intensive and often painful. But at Urology Specialty Care, we make use of the latest technologies to bring increased comfort, control and success to robotic prostatectomies.

The amount of tissue removed in a robotic prostatectomy in Miami will vary depending on the severity of the cancer. At Urology Specialty Care, our surgeons take special care to ensure that the nerves at either end of the prostate are not harmed. Dr. Robert Puig and Dr. Yekutiel Sandman are specialists when it comes to minimally invasive procedures. They make use of the da Vinci system technology to perform the safest and most comfortable robotic prostatectomies in Miami. Our team is completed by Dr. Daniel R. Martinez, a specialist in male infertility and many other concerns. Dr. Cosme Gomez offers commitment to the management and treatment of disease of the prostate.

If you’re looking for the best treatments for prostate cancer in Miami, it’s time to see how our team at Urology Specialty Care can help. We offer many approaches to treating and even curing prostate cancer in Miami. Our most popular procedure for treating this condition is the robotic prostatectomy in Miami. This procedure can help remove the affected areas of the prostate, bringing effective care. To learn if this procedure is right for you, please call (305) 275-5525.

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