Can the Top Doctor in South Florida Help with My Urinary Issues?


When it comes to urological issues, problems with urinary systems can be particularly challenging. At Urology Specialty Care, our team knows that you have urinary issues, you want to see the top doctor in South Florida. Specifically, urinary problems, infections and other issues require the care of the top urologist in South Florida. At Urology Specialty Care, we have more than just the top doctor or top urologist in South Florida, our team has the best doctors and urologists in the region. With true client commitment and knowledgeable experts, we’re proud to be your first call when treating urinary issues.

Bladder and urinary tract infections are problems that both men and women experience, and successful treatment requires the help of the top urologist in South Florida. At Urology Specialty Care, we can treat urinary tract infections and bladder infections. While urinary tract infections are more common in younger women rather than men, this infection is more common among men in their 50’s than women in their 50’s. Symptoms include frequent ruination, cloudy urine, strong odor, blood in urine and pain while urinating. Depending on the severity, treatment typically involves antibiotics.

Kidney stones are another urinary problem that both men and women experience. At Urology Specialty Care, we know that kidney stones can be incredibly painful to deal with. Kidney stones are formed when calcium levels in the urine change, resulting in crystallization of calcium, uric acid and other minerals in the kidneys. These stones can vary in size and thus the symptoms experienced also vary. Some symptoms of kidney stones include:

  • Nausea
  • Foul Smelling Urine
  • Chills
  • Sharp Pain
  • Blood in the Urine
  • Vomiting
  • Discolored Urine
  • Fever
  • Frequent Need to Urinate
  • Only Urinating Small Amounts

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you need help from the top urologist in South Florida. At Urology Specialty Care, our top urologists can treat kidney stones with customized approaches. Typically, increasing fluid intake can help a kidney stone pass more easily. Other options include medications to relax the ureter. Larger stones may require surgical assistance for complete removal.

When you’re looking for the top doctor in South Florida or the top urologist in South Florida, look no further than our team at Urology Specialty Care. We’re proud to have the top doctors and top urologists on our team. Dr. Cosme Gomez provides expertise regarding prostate cancer, while Dr. Daniel R. Martinez offers the best approaches to treating kidney stones. Dr. Robert Puig and Dr. Yekutiel Sandman are experts when it comes to da Vinci surgical procedures and kidney stones as well. For the best help regarding many urinary issues in both men and women, please call (305) 275-5525.

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